Detroit Residents Mandated to Pay for Public Lighting After Bankruptcy

by San Antonio Attorney

Detroit has a total of 63,000 LED lights facilitated by the Detroit Public Lighting Authority.

However, this does not include the public lights covering alleyways and other small areas of a city.  Approximately 10,000 public lights are used to light up the city’s darkest areas.

Thousands of inoperable lights in Detroit signify the city’s mismanagement, thus leading to its decline.  In addition, financial problems have hindered Detroit from maintaining its services to its residents.

The citizens are perplexed when they call the Public Lighting Authority for outage reports.  Detroit Public Lighting Authority does not fix nor replace these lights anymore, especially after bankruptcy filing.

Prior to Detroit’s financial crisis, the city government was responsible for the maintenance of public lights.  Detroit citizens are now advised to call DTE for repair of public lights and receive sticker shock.

An elderly citizen from Detroit suffered the same problem when she was told the by the Detroit Lighting Authority to pay $13 a month for public light repair fees.  This payment is made for the next five years, which will total to $780.

Benjamin Thomas, a neighbor of the elderly woman, said that it was ridiculous that she wouldn’t feel comfortable in her own home due to steep repair fees.

DTE is aware of the new rules Detroit has implemented after its bankruptcy filing.  DTE will work with PLA to come up with a solution for the residents’ power outage.  DTE was also informed of the new rule of incorporating sticker shock, which comes with the installation of new lights.

This is not the first time Detroit has experienced power outage.  Since 2013, the citizens have experienced accidents and human errors related to the absence of lights in alleys and public roads.

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