Detroit Homeowners Continues to Struggle with Foreclosure Problems

by San Antonio Attorney

Warren Hicks, a Detroit homeowner, received a foreclosure notice on his front porch.  The notice was wrapped in a yellow package.  Hicks felt infuriated and embarrassed at the same time as he did not anticipate that this would happen to him.

Foreclosure issues in each state may have resolved within the past year but Detroit’s problem with foreclosure is still on the rise as 15,000 homes are due for tax foreclosure within this year.  The government still has to solve the problems of more than ten thousand distressed Detroit residents, according to activists.

Almost 40 percent of the residents do not belong to the upper rung of working class and even fall below the poverty line.  Though majority of the indigents maintain their home through rentals, home ownership in Detroit is difficult due to its skyrocketed prices.

After surviving the housing crash of 2008, the city took almost five years to reappraise real estate properties to less privileged homeowners such as Hicks.

Hicks, whose income can be classified into the low income bracket, can apply for a poverty exemption benefit and tax obligations can be waived upon application.  However, the red tape prohibited that as the application would not be implemented until taxes can be on the pay roll.

Mike Duggan, the Mayor of Detroit, has been working on a legislation, which will grant the exemptions in a retroactive state.

Dianne Feeley, the officer of Detroit Eviction Defense, said that these auctions do not generate a huge amount of money.  Foreclosure contributes to increased vacancies, which can degrade the overall monetary value of a home.  Wayne County has been trying to sort out a payment plan for the delinquent homeowners but this is not a promising as they will be on the foreclosure list by next year.

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