Denver Homeless Out Loud Members Arrested After Building Tiny Homes as Initiative Project

by San Antonio Attorney

Denver Homeless Out Loud’s major initiative was to build houses for the homeless in the Sustainability Park.  However, this plan was not put into reality after some members were arrested by the police.  The ‘tiny homes’ made by the workers were confiscated by the authorities.

According to one activist, Denver Public Works demolished the houses that homeless people needed and lovingly built by the people who resided there along with those who supported them.

After a complaint filed by the Denver Housing Authority, a warrant was immediately issued.  The group of activists allegedly built ‘free’ houses for the homeless were branded as a ‘squatter’ off their property.

The group explained via a press release that the reason they chose this specific area for building was for the reason that the Denver Housing Authority already tore down the previous low income houses.

After demolishing the area, Urban Farming Cooperative signed a lease with the land owner for several years before finally selling it to a developer.  The developer plans to utilize the area for multi-family housing.

“But be far beyond the reach of those for whom the Denver Housing Authority is supposed to exist,” the group further added in their press release.

Several warnings and orders to the group were already made by the police in order to segregate them before making the arrest, ABC News Denver reports.

Ten members from the Denver Homeless Out Loud were charge for trespassing.  However, this occurrence will not hinder the group’s ideals for their group.  In their press release, they verbalized that they will not give up on their vision to defend people’s right for housing.

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