Demolition Probe Heats Up: Detroit Land Bank Receives Visit from Federal Agents

by San Antonio Attorney

The demolition program of Detroit, run by the incumbent Mayor Mike Duggan, will broaden in scope as an investigation is conducted by the federal authorities.

The land bank allegedly used $130 million dollars in federal money.  The money was originally allotted for prevention of foreclosures in Detroit.

This project, otherwise known as the blight elimination campaign, was spearheaded by Duggan.

However, the project was subjected to state and federal investigations after bidding sessions and increased costs aroused suspicion.

Duggan admitted that more money was used for the demolition but these funds have been suspended after the investigation started.

After modifications were made and new rules were added, the funds were then released.  The new rules include state agents assigned in the land bank and local government offices.

Federal agents were assigned at the bank to obtain physical evidence as a part of an ongoing investigation, according to a representative of the U.S. Attorney’s office in Detroit.

The representative added that citizens deserve to know the current status of the investigation after the court hearing.

Duggan’s office has not released any comment on the matter.  He is on an official business trip with Governor Snyder in China.

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