“Dance Moms” Season 6 to Show Abby Miller’s Legal Issues

by San Antonio Attorney

Despite Abby Miller’s legal problems, she and the “Dance Moms” cast have filmed season 6 of the Lifetime reality show.  Abby’s indictment is reportedly a major plot on the forthcoming episodes.

Abby Lee Miller could end up in jail for 5 years and pay $250,000 in penalties, according to reports.  She has been charged 20 counts of fraud, concealing assets and providing false bankruptcy statements.

Miller has an estimate net worth of $2 million but she filed for bankruptcy in 2010.  She allegedly hid a sizeable amount of her money prior to filing and last year she was indicted.  “Dance Moms” is expected to show her current situation in the reality series.

Miller’s bankruptcy case has dragged for around 3 years and prosecutors accused her of hiding her proceeds from her television appearances, product sales and dance lessons during that period.  In addition, the indictment charged Miller of forging the financial statements from her dance studio, and concealed some of her income.

Miller has admitted that she got paid from the reality show but claims she has no contract with the program.  But prosecutors refused to believe her statement.

Her bankruptcy plan was slated to be approved by Federal bankruptcy Judge Thomas Agresti when he saw Miller’s TV appearances in “Dance Moms” promo, “Dancing with the Stars” and “Ultimate Dance Competition.” These shows were not mentioned in her bankruptcy plan so the judge set another court hearing in February 2013 where Miller was told to declare all her income.  The prosecutors claim that Miller still conceals part of her earnings.

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