Court Orders Foreclosure of 343 Lenawee County Properties Due to Unpaid Taxes

by San Antonio Attorney

Five property owners were summoned by Lenawee County Circuit Court last Monday when foreclosure was ordered for the 343 properties, which had unpaid taxes since 2012.

The owners are given a deadline until March 31, to make redemption on the property or opt for arranged payment to the Lenawee County Treasurer’s Office.

Marilyn Woods, head of Lenawee County Treasurer’s Office said that she is looking forward to a decreased in incidence of foreclosed properties passing through the redemption deadline.  All properties end in a county auction this coming August.

The total of auctioned properties in 2015 was only 36, a smaller portion as compared to 87 properties in 2013.  Sold properties include 14 residential units in Adrian city which was purchased by Lenawee County Land Bank.

The order of foreclosure prompted complete court action from a hearing last February 17.

A property owner disputed the value of his property and showed Judge Margaret M.S. Noe pictures of his home.

Judge Noe clarified that these issues are inevitable and go beyond the court’s power to handle a tax foreclosure process.

Another property owner faced the problem of selling property since she just received disability payments after three years of filing an appeal.  The woman appealed for aid through the ‘A Step Forward Program.’

There will be arrangements needed to redeem her property.  These are all in works of the official county treasurer, according to Douglas Hatrung, Assistant Lenawee County Prosecutor.

The funded program initiated by the federal office, has rendered aid to property owners who are facing foreclosure due to unpaid taxes.

The timeframe for the application process is three months and the homeowners who are at risk of the foreclosure order can still save their property through initiating the process and also call the Treasurer’s office to make installments for payment.

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