City Officials Blame Delayed Construction of Forsyth Plaza on the Bankruptcy of Contractor

by San Antonio Attorney

The newly constructed elevated park is going to finish almost four years late from its completion target due to the bankruptcy filing of the project’s contractor, the city officials said.

Located in the Manhattan Bridge — visualized as a verdant and serene community meeting space — is scheduled for completion in Spring 2017, the Department of Design and Construction said.  The city officials say the project has been delayed because of issues with contractor Trocom Construction, which declared bankruptcy in May 2015.

When Trocom filed for bankruptcy, the contractor was unable to pay its suppliers and workers, a department spokesperson said.

But the project was continued as the contractor carry out the plaza’s construction with the help of Dears Construction.

Court order shows that Trocom’s insurer, Liberty Mutual, has assumed the contract but the contractor’s service still continues as stipulated in the agreement.

The city is going to cover outstanding balance to Trocom.

An employee of Trocom denied the city’s statement that financial problems were the reason for the setback, claiming the filing of bankruptcy did not stop the project and that the city’s constantly changing plans were the real cause.

But  DDC spokesperson denied the finger pointing, saying that there had been only a single minor occasion in which the extent of work had been changed — the Department of Transportation’s request for lighting.

The project was proposed in year 2011.  Construction was estimated to start in early 2012 and be completed a year later.

The completion date was then moved to mid-2014 because of design issues, and another to Fall 2015.  The completion date was recently scheduled for Fall 2016, as stated in a DDC newsletter.

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