Cheetah’s Gentleman’s Club and Restaurant NY Files for Bankruptcy Again

by San Antonio Attorney

Cheetah’s Gentleman’s Club and Restaurant filed its second bankruptcy case, according to reports. The hot spot in Times Square is apparently struggling to cover its assets.

Recognized for serving sushi on naked women, Cheetah’s did not state any reason for its financial troubles. Its assets are around $10 million and its debts are around $500,000, the court documents show.

In its 2008 bankruptcy filing, Cheetah’s was involved in lawsuit between its proprietors, the Three Amigos SJL Rest.Inc.

The establishment listed both debts and assets between $1 million and $10 million. It reported $2.5 million in revenues during its filing. The events of September 2008 were blamed for Cheetah’s poor income.

Cheetah’s was lucrative at the time when high spenders, tourists, investment bankers in the late 1990’frequently visited the club.

Unless a bankruptcy court does not allow it, there are no limits on the number of bankruptcy cases you can file. However, if received a debt discharge in a previous bankruptcy, you need to wait a certain period of time before you will be eligible to discharge your debts again.

To find out about the time restrictions on when you are eligible for another debt discharge, make sure to talk to a Bankruptcy Lawyer San Antonio.

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