Bus Company Involved in Fatal Accident Faces Involuntary Bankruptcy

by San Antonio Attorney

The fight for legal compensation for more than 50 victims involved in the crash of a casino bus last May further escalated last Sunday when the lawyers initiated a petition forcing the bus company into bankruptcy.

A group of legal representatives, serving as an advocate to more than a dozen people involved in the accident, made an emergency motion filing through the United States Bankruptcy Court, freezing all company assets.  These victims were not included in the allotted $5 million through the OGA Charters LLC’s insurance policy.

This emergency motion filing immediately came a few days after two lawyers finally settled with the insurance company.  The legal representatives gathered more than $3.5 million for six of their clients.  The remaining 40 injured victims and five victims who were survived by their families were given the rest of the amount to split among themselves.

After reaching a settlement with lawyers Villareal and Villanueva, the insurance company started to contact other families of victims, in order to render smaller settlements.

Lawyers, who were left out, immediately consulted a bankruptcy lawyer last Friday, in order to figure out a solution to prevent the insurance company from paying out all the money.

Shelby Jordan, a lawyer, drafted the involuntary bankruptcy petition last Sunday.  Jordan also included a temporary restraining order in the bankruptcy petition, to prevent anyone from participating in settlement discussions such as rendering payments, depositing and honoring each issued check.

The bus company is slated for an initial hearing schedule on Tuesday in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.  There are a total of 10 lawsuits in the Hidalgo County District Court, these represent a total of 17 injured victims and another seven casualties involved in the fatal crash.  Attorney Garcia serves as the legal representative for five people who suffered from severe injuries.

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