Brenda D. Cowan Coalition for Kentucky Inc. Closes and Seeks Bankruptcy Protection

by San Antonio Attorney

Brenda D. Cowan Coalition for Kentucky Inc. has filed for bankruptcy protection on Wednesday. The non-profit coalition permanently stopped its operation in April.

In court papers filed, Cowan Coalition declared debts ranging from $100,000 up to $500,000.

At present, the information it has provided in court is unclear, but the documents include Traditional Bank of Mount Sterling as secured creditor claiming $327,000 against the organization.

Traditional Bank filed a case against the Cowan Coalition in May, seeking around $300,000 in overdue mortgage payments.

The nonprofit organization was formerly known as the YWCA of Lexington but changed its name into Brenda D. Cowan Coalition for Kentucky Inc. in 2005.

Brenda Cowan was the very first black woman firefighter in Lexington, Kentucky. She died in the line of duty in 2004 while responding to a domestic violence call for help.

The organization offered a variety of programs to help women who were survivors of domestic violence and their families.

The organization had a day care and learning center, and helped people who were homeless.

According to the organization’s former executive director Karen Trivette, they had borrowed money to maintain their operations after its funding from the government was discontinued.

When an organization is struggling to pay back creditors, it can file for bankruptcy protection under the bankruptcy laws of the United States. Bankruptcy protection can provide partial or complete discharge of debts and legal contracts, regardless of whether it continues its operation or liquidates its assets to pay off debts. Once the bankruptcy process is completed, any remaining debts are forgiven by a bankruptcy court.

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