Bill Hall Jr. Trucking Company Plans to Reinstate Bankruptcy Case

by San Antonio Attorney

A Bill Hall Jr. trucking company is attempting to bring back its bankruptcy after it got dismissed by a federal judge.

Bill Hall Jr. Trucking GP LLC’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition was dismissed by U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Craig Gargotta after the company’s legal representatives failed to meet a November due date to file its verification of property insurance and reorganization plan.

Frances Hall, the manager of the company and wife of the late trucking magnate, signed the documents to put the business into bankruptcy last June.

About three months later, she was found guilty by a jury of murdering her husband, Bill Hall Jr., and her punishment includes two years in jail.  The couple launched the trucking company in 1989.

In November, an affiliate entity, Bill Hall Jr. Trucking Ltd., filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Trucking GP LLC operates trailers and trucks that are managed by Trucking Ltd. to transport road construction materials.

The bankruptcy lawyer of Trucking GP said in a filing that the company’s reorganization plan will be filed along with the other company’s reorganization plan.

According to the attorney, the property of Trucking GP LLC is insured.  He said, the insurance agent just failed to give the policy statements on time.

Trucking GP LLC has requested for an accelerated hearing on its filing for bankruptcy reinstatement.

If you don’t conform to all the rules of bankruptcy, you case might get dismissed by the court.   You may be able to refile your case right away if your case was dismissed without prejudice.  San Antonio Lawyers can help you if you want to reopen your case.

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