Barnes & Noble Discloses Security Breach of Customer Credit Card Data

by San Antonio Attorney

U.S. book retailer Barnes & Noble reported that the credit card information of their purchasers who have bought as early as last month may have been compromised, and has notified the federal authorities concerning the breach.

Barnes & Noble said it has turned off all PIN pads in all of its stores across the country by closing its stores on Sept. 14 after they discovered that the devices were tampered.

As a preventive measure, employees and customers who have used their credit cards with affected PIN pads have to change the PIN numbers on their cards and check their bill statements for transactions that were not authorized.

But the company assured that its database of customers is protected. Also, there was no breach on purchases made on its website, Nook e-reader and Nook mobile apps were safe.

The company is cooperating with the authorities in their investigations.

Separately, a Federal Bureau of Investigation spokesman said that its New York field division is investigating what had happened.

It was also confirmed by the FBI spokesman that according to the New York Times Barnes and Noble received correspondence from the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York that said it was not obligated to report the breach to its customers through the entire investigation.

One of the letters stated that the bookseller could wait before Dec. 24 to inform the customers.

Security breaches in credit card processors are not uncommon. However, they are becoming more organized.

In March, the investigation on the data breach in Verizon showed that criminal groups have been swapping genuine card devices with their own processors to get credit card information. Investigators found that many security breaches happen at restaurants and at retail stores.


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