Bankruptcy Judge Summons 50 Cent over Social Media Photos

by San Antonio Attorney

Bankruptcy Judge Ann Nevins ordered rapper 50 Cent to provide an explanation about pictures posted on social media that depicted him playing with lots of cash.

Ann Nevins, the bankruptcy judge, told 50 cent’s legal representative that his Instagram photos are inciting speculation whether his declaration of bankruptcy is authentic or not.

Judge Nevins stated through the hearing last Thursday about allegations of nondisclosure and a lack of transparency.  The sole purpose of having a bankruptcy process is transparent and can give unfortunate people a fresh start in their life.

50 Cent, otherwise known as Curtis James Jackson III, posted three pictures in Instagram showing cash piles everywhere.  The photos were flagged by Lastonia Leviston, who gathered $7 million in a sex-tape dispute but unfortunately did not collect the money since 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy.  Other involved parties include: 50 Cent’s mortgage lender and a partner in a botched headphone deal.  They were owed approximately $18 million.

The official date of the hearing for Jackson’s case, which the rapper is mandated to attend, has not been set.  Jackson’s legal representatives, in response to the social media post lambasted by many, clarified that these photos were intentionally included in filings to purposefully smear him.

The headphone investor group’s lawyer stated that they doubt Mr.  Jackson’s financial reports and status, thus requiring him to disclose all his earnings throughout the case.  50 Cent has made several TV appearances and held a lot of concerts but these sources of income were not officially declared.

50 Cent previously filed for Chapter 11 protection last July 13, right after the jurors have determined whether he should pay for damages in the sex-tape lawsuit filed by Leviston, rapper Rick Ross’ former lover.

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