Bankruptcy Judge Reconsiders Bloomberg’s Objection to Investigate a Reporter’s Source

by San Antonio Attorney

In a recent statement by U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Christopher S. Sontchi through a court hearing, he revealed that he should have granted Bloomberg’s objection to investigate the source of its reporter.

Bloomberg initially objected to be included in an investigation of a breach in confidentiality related to bankruptcy case.

This occurred after the judge strictly ordered approximately 123 individuals, which were involved in the case to make a filing of declaration about any contact with Bloomberg reporters pertaining to the debtor for the past 60 days.

U.S.  Bankruptcy Judge Christopher Sontchi revealed that he is open for Bloomberg’s statement of objection against his initial orders this coming Friday.  The Reporters Committee verbalized their disdain that the court is officially investigating through a reporter’s confidential sources and have initially issued such as broad order.  However, they also expressed their relief that the US Bankruptcy judge has changed their decision with regards to how Bloomberg should also be heard thus the possibility of a reconsideration of the scope of the order.

Bruce Brown, the executive director of the Reporter’s Committee stated that they hope that this will show the public that the court is aware that its order was overbroad.  Brown’s team certainly looks forward to a reconsideration, which respects the rights of media particularly in the field of journalism to cover pertinent stories of public interest that do not intervene with other matters.

In response, Judge Sontchi said that he has not seen declarations that have been filed under a seal and has sent instructions to the court personnel to not review nor discriminate the data gathered.

The controversy stemmed from the MolyCorp Inc bankruptcy case, which was reported by Bloomberg respondent Jodi Xu Klein.  Xu Klein’s report allegedly contains information that was subjected to a confidentiality order, according to Sontchi’s court order.

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