Bankruptcy Filing Causes Headaches to Drivers

by San Antonio Attorney

The company contracted to send out renewal notices for license plate tag has filed for bankruptcy, and because of this discontinued delivering those letters.

World Marketing was hired to distribute the mails, but it announced it was declaring Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Tuesday.  The course of action has caused bafflement for some motorists who have anticipated getting a renewal notice in the mail.

David Curry, the tax commissioner for Henry County, said the notifications are usually sent out 30-45 days earlier, and people are calling because they did not get the mail yet.

He said they have received about four hundred calls from individuals waiting for a renewal notice.

According to World Marketing President Tyrone Jeffcoat, it is filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy because they are short of funds that would allow them to continue their operations.

Vehicle tags have to be renewed annually on or before the owner’s birthday to avoid extra costs.  For companies, the schedule of renewal is based on an alphabetic process.

A delay is tough for taxpayers, and for tax commissioners thinking that they could be held liable.  The names of tax commissioners are printed on the notices so the public might automatically perceive that they have something to do with it.

Automobiles bought in Georgia since March 2013 don’t need annual renewal fees because the owner is only required a one-time tax payment.  For other vehicle owners, the charges for not renewing tags as scheduled may vary.  Some tax commissioners said not getting a pre-bill doesn’t excuse individuals from renewing on schedule.

The Georgia Department of Revenue is planning for a remedy which it expects to be finalized soon.  Those who haven’t received their renewal notice can still renew their license tag registration.  This can be accomplished in person at a local tag office, on the internet, or at a new kiosk opened in eleven counties.

Many struggling companies file for bankruptcy to reorganize their finances.  If you or your business needs help in filing for bankruptcy, a San Antonio Attorney can provide invaluable assistance in the process.


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