Atlah Church Spared from Foreclosure

by San Antonio Attorney

Atlah Worldwide Missionary Church, a well-known church in Harlem for its homophobic beliefs, has avoided foreclosure of its church building, according to court documents filed in the Manhattan Supreme Court.

Manuel J. Mendez, the presiding judge, recently ordered that the foreclosure and sale should be vacated.

Last December 17, Judge Joan Kenny imposed that the church should have a public foreclosure auction after having unpaid debts that cost approximately $1.02 million, according to reports.

Atlah Church’s lawyer, Stuart F. Shaw, said that the impending sale and foreclosure of the church will be put on hold until there is basis that Atlah Church should have taxes in the first places.  A new court date is set for schedule.

Reverend James Manning, the pastor of Atlah Church, is known for his discrimination for gays.  Manning went to the extent of placing anti-gay captions through its church marquees.

The church’s impending closure has been a delight for some affected groups and there was even an online campaign to transform it into a LGBT centers for the youth should a public auction occur.

These campaigns were initiated by LGBT supporters such as the River of Living Waters Ministries and the Ali Forney Center.

Located at 36W 123rd Street, Atlah Church has maintained its stand as a religious institution and they should be exempt from taxes.  The church building is valued at $10 million dollars, as stated on the court documents.

According to reports, there have been nine federal tax liens against Manning.  These tax liens have a total of more than $355,000 since 2002.  Manning also owes the New York States more than $28,000.

The city has insisted that Atlah Church is considered tax-legitimate due to the presence of apartments in one portion of a building.  Atlah Church has not responded nor commented on this issue.

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