Abby Lee Miller of ‘Dance Moms’ Faces Bankruptcy Fraud Charges

by San Antonio Attorney

While watching her hit show “Dance Moms”, the judge of Abby Lee Miller’s bankruptcy case realized that the she might have committed bankruptcy fraud.  Miller has been indicted on bankruptcy-fraud charges due to concealing her income from her show’s earnings.

Miller has stated that her show is for the sole purpose of publicity and no separate revenue would be brought in.  According to the indictment, a Pittsburgh jury accused Miller of concealing more than $750,000. Last December 2010, Ms. Miller filed for bankruptcy with an estimated $356,000 in debt.

If found guilty, the reality star could be imprisoned for as long as her show has been on aired on television.  She was indicted by a grand jury on 20 counts of fraud.  All of her alleged hidden money could cost Miller five years in prison and she might be ordered to pay $5 million in fines if convicted.

Miller has not yet entered a plea, but the judge overseeing the case wants to make sure that she shows up at the arraignment on Nov. 5 so she requires her to pay an unsecured bond.  In line to that, Lifetime did not make any comment regarding the future of the show or Miller’s indictment.

Whatever the fate of ‘Dance Moms’, it is clear that the government is thinking that Miller could be hiding a lot of cash even as she was receiving her Chapter 11 bankruptcy discharge.  She asked for the court’s approval to her bankruptcy plan while hiding her earnings from the court, the Trustee and creditors.  She made a lot of money from her appearances on Dance Moms and its spinoff programs.  In addition, she earned from Masterclass dance events and selling online merchandise.

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