Abby Lee Miller Fears 5 Years in Prison; Will She Be the Next Teresa Giudice?

by San Antonio Attorney

Abby Lee Miller, best known for her reality show, titled ‘Dance Moms’ was recently charged of 20 counts of fraud of bankruptcy.  Miller will render five years in prison and is obliged to pay a five million fine.  Portraying a tough cookie on the reality show “Dance Moms,” Miller is frightened to know the possible result of her court case.

A source close to Miller reveals to media on how the ‘Dance Mom’ star feels about her future time behind bars.

“Abby is freaking out.  She never thought this could happen to her,” said the source via OK! Magazine.

The source pointed out that Miller may be headstrong in the show but in real life, her current trials right now give her the feeling of dread.  Miller was reported to be crying and repeatedly stating that she doesn’t want to end up with the same fate as fellow reality star Teresa Guidice.  However, Miller seems to be treading on the same path as the ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ star.

‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ star Teresa Giudice also served a 15 month prison sentence earlier this year after her conviction of fraud charges along with her husband.

The charges filed against Miller involve bankruptcy fraud, hiding bankruptcy assets and false declarations.  After the judge in her bankruptcy case viewed Miller’s show, ‘Dance Moms’, the investigation of Miller’s finances was initiated.   This was done due to the speculation of where Miller’s financial resources were liquidated.  After thorough investigation, it was deemed that Miller may have hidden more than $755,000 in earnings from the hit reality series.

Despite trials and financial issues, Miller confirmed that the sixth season of “Dance Moms” is currently in production.


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