Abby Lee Miller Admits Committing Bankruptcy Fraud

by San Antonio Attorney

Abby Lee Miller, star of ‘Dance Moms’ pleaded guilty in a case relating to bankruptcy fraud last Monday.  Miller also failed to declare thousand dollars worth of Australian dollars brought into the country.

The ‘Dance Moms’ star pleaded guilty to one count of hiding assets during her declaration of bankruptcy and another count of manipulating international monetary transactions.

Miller was charged last year with the offense of trying of conceal $775,000 worth of income from her home network and other spinoff projects in the duration of her bankruptcy filing.

Miller, freed because of her unsecured bond, recently issued a statement last week, admitting her faults.  Robert Ridge, Miller’s defense attorney, revealed in a statement last Monday that it had been quite a challenging time for her.

The reality star was scheduled for another court hearing in October 11 but the schedule can be moved, depending on the outcome.

The prosecutors revealed that the guidelines highly suggest that a sentence of 24-30 months can be given.  The defense emphasized that the creditors have not incurred any loss.

Miller’s reality show called ‘Dance Moms’ depicts young students with their mothers, who are highly involved with the performance of their children.  The mothers often clash with Miller, due to her harsh criticism to the young students.

The show is located in Miller’s dance studio in Penn Hills, Pittsburgh.  Though Miller resides in Los Angeles, all cases were to be filed in Pittsburgh.

The thorough investigation of Miller’s case began when Miller made her appearances on television and deduced that her potential gross monthly income was more than what she declared.  Authorities stated that Miller concealed more than $228,000 from television appearances alone.  Another $550,000 was concealed from Miller’s public appearances in ‘Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition’ and her personal merchandise of goods.

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