50 Cent’s Lawyer Says He Has to Appear Rich to Get More Gigs

by San Antonio Attorney

50 Cent filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2015.  As the rapper’s filed case is about to reach a settlement, 50 Cent got himself into trouble again as he posted images of him surrounded with stacks of cash.  This called the attention of Judge Ann Nevins.

The rapper’s lawyers efficiently created an argument against the behavior, stating it was necessary since majority of the hip hop fans come from low-income families.  Rappers need to look rich so that they can just be like them one day.

“Many of their fans are poor.  They want their favorite rapper to be rich,” said 50 Cent’s legal representative.  They also added that money is essential and filing the bankruptcy by default is going to be a huge challenge for the rapper.

Assuming that the statement projects that it is all about the perception of wealth, the legal team revealed that the money seen in the pictures was ‘prop cash’.  This prompted the Secret Service to question the rapper about counterfeit money.

Judge Nevins, in response, said that creditors will be confused with regards to why a sudden flaunting of wealth in the middle of the bankruptcy case happened.

50 Cent’s defense was to appear rich in order to bag more gigs and endorsements.

The lawyer elaborated that if the bankruptcy filing has been done without that intervention, the rapper never would’ve landed endorsements for products, movie parts and even TV guestings on high rated shows.

50 Cent recently made appearances in “Power”, a show aired in Starz Network and also made a cameo appearance in Spy.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is created to allow debtors to reorganize their finances and make the most of the return to their creditors.  To start your way to financial freedom, eliminating debt & leaving stress behind, you should talk to a San Antonio Bankruptcy Attorney now.

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