50 Cent Says His Lifestyle is Unaffected by His Bankruptcy Case

by San Antonio Attorney

American rapper 50 Cent surprised a lot of people when he sought for bankruptcy protection last year.

However, 50 Cent (real name Curtis Jackson) does not appear to be troubled by the bankruptcy case and even regularly uploaded photos displaying his wealth.

During his appearance on “The View”, the 41-year-old entrepreneur talked about his financial issues, saying it is not actually as bad as it looks.

He explained that reorganizing your finances does not mean that your company is struggling.  He also added that he still has access to a lot of money so his lifestyle stays the same.

He said one upside of his bankruptcy filing is that more people have followed him in social media, because people like tragic stories.

50 Cent sold his huge 21 bedroom mansion in Connecticut last March as part of his bankruptcy case.

Even after he filed for bankruptcy, 50 Cent continued posting on his Instagram account pictures of him with piles of cash.  But the rapper said these pictures were posted in a bid to try to keep his reputation intact.  According to his court filing, his social media activities have a significant effect on his music sales and rating on his TV shows.

Based on court documents file, 50 Cent owes $17 million to Sleek Audio and $6 million to Lastonia Leviston.  He was forced to file for bankruptcy after Leviston won a privacy-invasion lawsuit last year.  Leviston claimed that 50 Cent got hold of a sex tape that she made with her partner and published it online without their consent.

Regardless of his bankruptcy filing, 50 Cent is still busy with work.  He announced last December that he will appear as himself in a Fox comedy show.  In March, he talked about his involvement in a variety series titled “50 Cent Presents”.

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