50 Cent Reacts to Accusation of Bankruptcy Fraud

by San Antonio Attorney

Rapper 50 Cent is taking out on social media what he has to say about his Chapter 11 bankruptcy case.  According to him, the law is so unfair because it “applies differently” to bankruptcy filers.

He bewailed about the cost of success by stating that earning a lot of money makes someone a target.  Even the pro bono lawyers representing his accusers are after of his hard earned money.

The post on social media was made days after 50 Cent apparently said in a recent court filing that the piles of money in his social media photos are fake and simply a means to endorse his EFFEN Vodka product.

According to him, he is merely projecting success to serve as an aspiration at the same time to promote the products he represents.

Jackson raised his concern about being treated differently in his bankruptcy case, despite the judge’s statement at a hearing that everyone is treated fairly in court.  He also said the court is aware that he has a lot of money in his company, but he is still being accused of bankruptcy fraud based on a photo in Instagram.

He concluded the series of posts with an announcement that he would be taking a time out from Instagram.

50 Cent filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last year, but he has been flaunting his wealth on social media.  He has filled up buckets with money, spruced up his refrigerator with cash and spell out the word “broke” with dollar bills in social media photos bragging about his riches.

The famous rapper has been venturing businesses for the past several years.  He earned a handsome profit from his investment in vitamin water, which was purchased by Coca-Cola for more than $4.1 billion.  He also produces a television show and owns a company that sells pricey headphones.

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