San Antonio Attorney

San Antonio Attorneys – Are They All the Same?

Just as in all professions and walks of life, San Antonio attorneys vary considerably. So when you are considering engaging an attorney, do not just go with the guy your father used ten years ago.

Attorneys have different areas of expertise, so you need to look for an attorney who specializes in the area of law that concerns you. Just as you wouldn’t ask a math teacher to tutor your child in geography, you wouldn’t ask a divorce lawyer to handle the purchase of a house. When you are perusing an attorney’s website, check that he/she has experience in the field where you require help. Or, when you call to make an appointment, ask what type of law this particular attorney practices. You should not waste your time or anyone else’s trying to work with the wrong attorney.

So that is specialization or expertise settled, what else is there to consider.

Experience is a good second consideration. Young attorneys have to get a start somewhere, and they may be cheap, smart, look good and have a lot of energy. But think about the difference between expert and novice. Who do you want to pay your money to? The eager young go getter or the cynical, somewhat over-weight practitioner in the crumpled suit with the expertise to make swift and accurate decisions on your behalf who is likely to save you money in the long run. Yes, this is a clichéd image, a stereotype that makes it abundantly clear that not all attorneys are the same; the choice is up to you.

Some attorneys are fabulously successful. They have plenty of clients and even get their photographs in the newspaper being spectacularly confident outside the courtroom after a favorable verdict or chatting casually to celebrities at charity dinners. Is this the type of San Antonio attorney for you? Maybe some of the glamor would brush off on to you. Maybe you would get caught up in the spotlight.

But, more likely, your little problem would be handed to one of those novices working away in some back room. More likely you would never get to talk to the big cheese. Forget the stars. Consider choosing an attorney who is experienced, competent and available.

Select a few who meet your discerning criteria and make appointments. Don’t sit through the first meeting, that initial free consultation, like a jellyfish. Make the most of the time you have. It won’t be long. But, if you go ready to explain your particular issue clearly and logically and armed with questions, you will come away with a reasonable idea as to whether or not this is the attorney for you.

An attorney who makes you feel welcome, appears to listen, asks questions that show that she/he knows the issues your problem raises, and gives you a modicum of hope is probably a good bet.

What if you meet three and they all impress? I’d say you were either too easily pleased or very lucky. But at least you will be able to make an informed decision knowing full well that not all San Antonio Attorneys are the same.